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The Tilos Park Journal

The Tilos Park Journal is published by the Tilos Park Association. The purpose of the Journal is to acquaint the public with current news having international significance from this EU registered Special Protection Area, Natura 2000 Network site and 2005-2007 host to an EU Life Nature Program. The articles report on such topics as renewable alternative energy research and development in keeping with the Kyoto Protocol; wildlife conservation actions in compliance with mandatory EU Directives supported by European Court of Justice decrees; comparisons and contrasts among Tilos, European and north African EU Life Nature program experiences; wetlands restoration; ecotourism developments; the significance, restoration and current uses of historical sites; Tilos botanical issues concerning history, mythology, ancient trading products, existing rare species; and more.

As of spring 2006, the Journal is electronically distributed to more than 5,250 international readers including European Commission and European Parliament Members, Hellenic government officials and Hellenic Parliament Members, international NGO's, European multi-national industry executives, private individuals and TPA members from the United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Algeria, Morocco, and Turkey.

We invite you to subscribe to the Tilos Park Journal free of charge by contacting us at: tilopark@otenet.gr. To read any of the following previous editions of the Tilos Park Journal, please visit the following website to download the latest free version of Adobe Reader®. The website address is:
http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html It would be a pleasure for us to share a special part of our Aegean world with you.

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